“Energy Alchemy” – A Poem About Transmuting Pain into Peace

Invisible forces at work, unseen by the eye,
Energy flows through us, from earth to sky.
A science of healing, ancient and new,
Taps into this power, to restore what's true.

The body's own wisdom, a guide to the way,
Emotions and thoughts, can lead us astray.
Blocked energy pathways, cause us to feel,
Pain and dis-ease, that are all too real.

Energy healers, with hands or intent,
Use techniques and tools, to bring energy spent,
Back into balance, so the body can heal,
And release the old patterns, that no longer appeal.

Reiki, acupuncture, EFT and more,
All ways to connect, to the energy core.
Chakras and meridians, a map of the flow,
To guide the healer, where energy should go.

The power of touch, a language of love,
Releases the tension, that we're all made of.
The mind-body-spirit, a trinity so fine,
Energy healing, connects all three, divine.

Intentions and thoughts, a powerful force,
Can create healing, without any remorse.
The energy we put out, will come back to us,
Like a boomerang, returning with a gust.

Healing is possible, for all who believe,
In the power of energy, that we can receive.
It's not just a concept, but a science indeed,
A bridge between ancient wisdom, and modern need.

As science evolves, and more is revealed,
The mystery of energy, will become unsealed.
The power of healing, available to all,
A gift from the universe, that will never fall.

The energy that flows, is a constant supply,
It's up to us to use it, to reach new heights.
The healing we seek, is within our reach,
A journey of self-discovery, that we all can teach.

The key is to be open, and trust the process,
To let go of fear, and embrace the progress.
To connect with the source, that resides within,
And let the healing energy, begin to spin.

The mind and body, are connected as one,
Energy healing, helps us realize the bond.
The power of love, is the ultimate force,
It opens the heart, and paves the course.

Energy healing, is not just a trend,
It's a way of life, that can never end.
The power of energy, is all around,
It's up to us to listen, and let it abound.

So let us embrace, this science of healing,
Let it open our minds, and be revealing.
For the energy that flows, is a gift from above,
A healing force, that we should always love.