Deluding Yourself With The Truth – By Chris Cade

A while back I was at a satsang with Adyashanti and he said the following which really caught my attention:

“The deeper the Truth, the easier it is to delude yourself with it.”

When I shared this in our Facebook community, I was asked to explain further. It comes down to the way our minds function.

With so many psychological structures that make up our personalities, there’s often inner “conflicts of interest.” Our essence wants to live the Truth while our minds just want to know the truth logically. In addition to that, there are certain aspects of mind that cannot grasp the deeper elements of reality.

In this context, when we experience an insight… an aha… a new realization… we have a moment of transformation. At least for the moment of insight, we are a completely “new” person. Maybe that will last a moment, a minute, a month, or a lifetime. There is no real way to know.

What we do recognize though is the Truth within our realization. This is a real gift to us, and we often cherish it.

And then our mind gets involved. It starts to assume that because a deeper part of you experienced the Truth, that it also “knows” the Truth. This is when the Truth of our immediate experience gets pushed back into our minds as an idea, as a memory, as a new “rule” to live by.

The mind simply catalogues the Truth as a bit of data.

The Truth then gets lost because our minds assume that they know the Truth… instead of us actually living the Truth as it arises in any given Present moment. Or phrased differently, we mistake our mind’s interpreted image of truth as being what it represents – the actual Truth.

Then we go on a journey in pursuit of the realization instead of being Present with where, what, who, and when we are. It’s that journey based on the mind’s “knowledge” that is the delusion.

This is because the assumption of knowing a truth is separate from the actual experience of Truth that arises during moments of complete Presence.

This article was written by Chris Cade, founder of SpiritualGrowthEvents.com