“Deeply Seeing” – A Poem About Seeing Auras

Invisible to most, but seen by a few,
Auras are energy fields that shine right through,
They surround us all, a radiant hue,
Reflecting emotions, thoughts, and moods too.

Some see them as colors, bright and bold,
Others as light, or a shimmering gold,
Auras can be small, or they can unfold,
Enveloping the body like a protective mold.

Red for anger, blue for peace,
Yellow for joy, green for release,
Auras can shift, and they can increase,
Changing with our moods, like a masterpiece.

Some believe auras can heal and protect,
Balancing our energies, and keeping us in check,
But whether you believe or not, it's a fact,
Auras are all around, ready to react.

So take a deep breath, and look inside,
You might be surprised at what you'll find,
Auras can guide us, and be our guide,
To a world beyond, where truth resides.

For auras are more than just a visual feast,
They're a glimpse into our innermost beast,
A reflection of our soul, at the very least,
A shimmering, radiant, and wondrous release.