Dancing with Darkness, Rising with Light – A Poem About Being Unsinkable

In the dark of night, a raven came to me,
Its voice, like thunder, shook my soul with glee.
It perched upon my shoulder, spoke into my ear,
Told me tales of sorrow, and my greatest fear.

But I refused to be defeated by its words,
I stood my ground and battled with my swords.
I faced the trials that the raven brought,
And though I stumbled, I refused to be caught.

For I had a fire that burned within,
A will to live and a thirst to win.
And so I fought with all my might,
And overcame the darkness of the night.

Now I stand a warrior, strong and bold,
A spirit that cannot be controlled.
The raven tried to break me down,
But I rose above and claimed my crown.

So let the winds howl and the storm rage on,
For I am an unsinkable, unbreakable, swan.
I am the victor, the hero of my story,
And I will never give up, I will live my glory.