Excuses – A Spiritual Story About Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs

“Why not?” that was the first thing he said. He had never seen me before. I hadn't said a word. “Why not?” I knew he had me.

I brought up excuses: “My wife… the people I have to work with … not enough time… I guess it's my temperament…”

There was a sword hanging on the wall. He took it and gave it to me. “Here, with this sword, you can cut through any barriers.” I took it and slipped away without saying a word.

Back in my room in the guesthouse I sat down and kept looking at that sword. I knew that what he said was true.

But the next day I returned his sword.

How can I live without my excuses?

Special thanks to Gary for sharing this spiritual story with us!

This spiritual story is from the book Tales of a Magic Monastery by The Monk Theophane