Anthony de Mello – Life Story & Biography

Anthony de Mello Life Story Overview

Anthony de Mello was an Indian psychotherapist and Jesuit priest. He was also a public speaker, writer, and spiritual teacher. Coelho wrote several religious books and hosted some conferences and retreats. He is mostly famous for his unconventional approach to narration and priesthood, which he acquired from different mystical practices from the West and East.
Life and Career

De Mello was born in 1931 in Bombay, British India. Although he was born Catholic, he always desired to enter the Jesuit order. De Mello joined the order when the author was just a teenager and was ordained to the priesthood in 1961. He released his first book in 1978, which outlined several Christian exercises and spiritual principles, all inspired by Saint Ignatius. Some of his books include One Minute Wisdom and Wellsprings, The Song of the Bird and Sadhana- A way to God. He started the Institute of Pastoral Counseling in 1972, which was later renamed the Sadhana Institute of Pastoral Counseling.

Death and Subsequent Controversy

De Mello died of heart attack when he was 55 years in New York. Eleven years after his death, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reviewed his works and expressed their religious concerns, especially concerning de Mello’s views regarding Jesus’ recognition as the son of God. The group argued that most of his works did not go in line with the Catholic faith. An Indian magazine took on the team and downplayed its concerns indicating that it was an attempt by Rome to undermine the Asian clergy.

Principal Teachings

His work was mainly about awakening people to recognize their reality and proclaim the awareness message, seeing the light people are to themselves and others, acknowledging that they are better than they thought. He challenged his audiences to search for God behind all concepts, words, and religions.