The Alchemy of Love: A Poem About the Power of Energy Healing

A force unseen, yet felt by all,
An energy that weaves its way,
Through every living thing that calls,
And guides us on our earthly stay.

A gentle touch, a soothing sound,
A healing presence all around,
The power of energy unbound,
Transforming lives with love profound.

It flows through channels deep within,
A current strong, a healing wind,
Releasing all that's trapped within,
And freeing us from pain and sin.

It heals the body, mind, and soul,
And helps us reach our highest goal,
To find the peace that makes us whole,
And live a life that's rich and full.

The energy that heals us all,
Is rooted in the great beyond,
And when we listen to its call,
We find a love that's ever strong.

It guides us to a deeper place,
And helps us heal with every trace,
Of energy that we embrace,
And find our power and our grace.

So let us seek the healing light,
And let it guide us through the night,
And help us see with inner sight,
The love that heals and makes things right.

For in the end, it's all we need,
This energy that helps us heed,
The call of love and helps us feed,
The healing force that sets us free.