3 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Powers – with Jean Houston

3 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Powers - with Jean HoustonMost people, regardless of age, race, or gender, have fantasized about having magical or “super” powers of some kind…

This is the reason books and movies about superheroes, wizards, mutants, and people with psychic powers are so popular—and embraced by both children and adults alike.

Those characters have abilities we wish we had, and they tap into our core desire to become the best, most skillful and adaptable human beings we can be…

Wouldn't it be nice to have those powers right now?

According world-renowned “Human Potential” pioneer, and bestselling author Dr. Jean Houston, each of us has access to 5 “Quantum Powers” that are latent within us.

While these powers don’t include the ability to fly, turn invisible, or walk through walls, they can allow you to:

  • Profoundly improve your health, energy, and vitality
  • Have a profound impact on people and the world at large, contributing to a collective healing
  • Dramatically expand your creativity
  • Rapidly accelerate your personal evolution
  • Maximize your time and experience true time freedom
  • Naturally attract more money and powerful connections in support of the projects that are most important to you

These “Quantum Powers” are inactive in most of us, but some of the most successful people in history have used them to achieve seemingly impossible things.

If you aren’t already familiar with Jean, she’s an internationally renowned author, philosopher, and scholar, who has written nearly 30 books, including several bestsellers.

Deepak Chopra called Jean “The most important person alive in the world today when it comes to human and social potential.”

Not only that, but she’s worked closely with Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell, Buckminster Fuller, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and many other world leaders in more than 100 cultures around the world.

Jean also works closely with the United Nations, helping implement their international education and health programs, along with training leaders in developing countries.

Her list of accomplishments is already enough to fill five lifetimes, and now she wants to help you unlock your Quantum Powers so you can become the most evolved version of yourself, too.

These are the 5 Quantum Powers that Jean will be exploring during this inspiring online event:

  1. The power to expand time so you can do more in less time than ever before without adding stress to your life
  2. The power to experience “sustained fire” to keep you operating at your highest energy level during even the most trying times
  3. The power to partner with the energy of the Universe to more easily accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams
  4. The power to expand and express your creativity without sacrificing your daily responsibilities
  5. The power to attract the money, people and resources you need to move your projects forward and achieve the level of authentic success you’re striving for

Let Jean show you how to overcome your limitations and step into a life of true power, connection, and fulfillment.

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to the recording afterwards.

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