“Yes, I can,” He Said. Then He Did. – Spiritual Story By Srikumar Rao

Pedro and Ramos were both drug lords and they were bitter rivals. Each tried repeatedly to take over the other’s operations – and failed.

Each lost key lieutenants and close family members in the bloody feud that lasted three decades.

Pedro met a wandering holy man and tried to tried to enlist him as an accomplice to penetrate Ramos inner circle.

Instead, the holy man got Pedro to ponder what he had done and was doing and why and how this was affecting his well-being and what impact he was having on society.

He even got Pedro to meditate regularly.

Pedro changed. By slow degrees at first and then rapidly.

He gave up his life of crime. He disbanded his gang and set up many of them in honest trade. Some persisted in their old ways and crossed over to join Ramos.

The press celebrated his newfound piety and lauded his endeavors while largely ignoring his bloody past.

This grated on Ramos who was now unquestionably the ruler of the domain and more powerful than he had ever been.

He was feared, but he was not loved. His power commanded respect, but he knew that there were many knives ready to lodge in his back were his attention to falter.

He ordered his henchmen to abduct Pedro.

They did. They delivered Pedro to him trussed up in a chair with his mouth gagged.

Gleefully Ramos confronted his one-time enemy in his inner sanctum. His men had been sent away so they were alone.

He had obtained a set of surgical scalpels in anticipation and he grabbed one of these as he advanced on Pedro.

“Now, you son of an unwed mother, you will meet your just deserts,” he gloated. “There is no one to save you. There is nothing you can do to escape my vengeance.”

He noticed Pedro trying to speak and roughly ripped the duct tape that was serving as a gag. A generous portion of skin came away but Pedro did not wince.

“But there is,” said Pedro in a low voice.

“What?” shouted Ramos. “What are you talking about?”

“You said that there is nothing I can do to evade your revenge,” said Pedro in a low voice. “But there is.”

He spoke softly but with authority and conviction. There was not an iota of fear in his voice.

“You are tied up and immobile. You have no men to come to your rescue. My men are guarding the compound. And here is the knife that will shortly disembowel you,” said Ramos, perplexed. “What can you possibly do to escape my wrath?”

“I can awake,” said Pedro.

And he did.

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