And Now A Word From Our Sponsor – An ACIM Spiritual Story by Alan Dolit

My body is only a communication device. A CD as it were. On my CD there are only two channels: KEGO And KGOD. KEGO is the voice of the world. There is much static and loud commercials telling me to buy their things. Stuff I don't need, with green strips of paper that I have to work to earn to buy the things I didn't need in the first place. KEGO has many sister stations: KFEAR, KLACK, KGREED, K-ILL (which stands for I LACK LOVE), And KKILL. KGOD is the Voice for God. The sister stations include KHS, KLOVE, KLIGHT, KPEACE, and KJOY. These stations play nothing but soothing messages. There is no static and no commercials. They are INNER LISTENER supported. Brother Jesus, when he found KGOD, chose no longer to listen to KEGO, and deprogrammed his CD so he could only receive KGOD. My other brothers and I, while we occasionally find KGOD, don't stay tuned to this frequency as there is no melodrama being broadcast; nothing but eternal unconditional love being sent over these airwaves.

I realize that my brothers and I, when we listen to the KEGO frequencies, do not experience peace or joy. However we seem to be addicted to KEGO. It is like a drug. In truth, I realize that when we do listen to KEGO channels, we are really looking for KGOD in all the wrong places. The good news is that I now have a new program guide called A Course In Miracles. I now know how to find KGOD, and I listen to KEGO with less and less frequency. When all my blocks to the awareness of KLOVE'S presence are removed, and I accept the attunement for myself by making adjustment in the fine tuning of my CD, I will remove the knob and stay tuned to KGOD all the time to listen for my next assignment. When my CD stops functioning properly, I will not join a 12 step program for dysfunctional communication devices.

I will have received my final traveling orders to come Home to where I have always been and will once again remember to laugh for I will have gotten the punch line to this cosmic joke we call LIFE. When the coroner finds my lifeless body, he will have to come up with a new classification e.g. “Cause of death…Body became dis-spirited”, and he will turn my non functional Communication Device in to Radio Shack.

This spiritual story was written by Alan Dolit , a long time Course in Miracles student/teacher and enjoy writing short stories for the fun of it. He has written around 200 of them, some of which could be considered “spiritual,” and some that might not be.

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