Wonder of Luck – Spiritual Story by BK Surat Singh Ayer

Once a king asked to his three daughter princess by whose fate they are enjoying the Princess life facilities. Who was taking care of them? The eldest and second eldest replied that by the good graced fortune of their father, King they were enjoying princess lives facilities. However the youngest daughter replied she was enjoying all facilities because of her own fortune. Nobody was taking care to her. In this regard hearing the response of eldest and second eldest King became very happy. He then married them with two neighboring Prince for their bright future. However the youngest who had been giving her inner believe that her own luck had taken care to her and received the fruit of her own action (karma). Being unhappy by receiving the reply of his youngest daughter, King then married her with a beggar man who was totally affected by the disease of leprosy. The king wanted to see how see could enjoy her future life by the help of her own luck. The youngest princess accepted the proposal of king and went with the beggar. He was very poor and running his lively by collected fuel woods from forest and selling. Same business the princess also started as she got in her lick. It was really very hectic for her to pass such suffering life of scarcity but nothing was there any solution for her to do except it.

One day she went for collecting fuel woods from the jungle, just keeping her husband on the bank of a lake. While sitting on the bank of the lake his husband saw a black crow came there and took bath in the water of it then immediately that was changed into a white swan. It made him puzzle. How did it happen? He then drowned his one finger into the water which was really very much affected by the decease. He got cured immediately. He then took, bath whole body that was totally cured. It was his happiest moment for him that he achieved his handsome body after bathing in the water of that lake.

As the princess came after collecting fuel woods, she did not found her husband there. She was bit disturbed and searching somebody with worry mood. The seated handsome guy was smiling as observing her uneasiness. He then said to whom, she was searching; she replied her husband was there but where he had gone now. The gentle man replied he was her husband she did not believed it. The new seen man then opened about the magical secret of the water of lake. He said it was the miracle change of the water which turned all his diseased body into healthy and handsome one. He told about the happening event of there in her absence. For its proof he was having his thumb finger in the previous diseased condition by leprosy to show her through the experiment of it. In her presence he just drowned his thumb finger into the water of pound and picked up immediately. It was suddenly changed into a beautiful finger form as a miracle way by the quick touch of water. This made her convinced that he was her husband. She really became extremely happy as finding miracle change in the health of her husband. She then thanked God with her true heart filled with pearls of affection in her eyes. Both of them moved taking their fuel woods for selling in the market. As they were on the way to market a group of man came to meet them. The grouped people seemed very top class persons; they asked who they were with the couple. The Princess then replied, she is the princess of neighboring country with her husband. Both of them were seemed really like a crown prince and crown princess of royal family. The whole grouped people informed that the king of that country was died. He was not having any future generating to rule the country to give governance further more. Now the nation is out of King. So they were in search of their King and queen for their nation. By the good grace of God they had found themselves an ablest and qualified royal couple to be their most reputative majestic King and queen. They humbly request, their Royal Highnesses to agree to be the King and Queen of their holy land. Both of them accepted their proposal. They immediately decorated, them by the formal majestic grand royal dresses. With army band and other signs of good wishes the whole procession proceeded towards capital city. Throughout marching procession of thousands of people observing their new king and queen it arrived in the royal palace. They were ascended on royal throne with completing all imperial formalities. This way due to their charitable, actions' fortune they became success to achieve highest on high status of Kingship from their beggary life.

Other side her father, King was defeated by neighboring country king and arrested him in his prison. As observing the father's bad luck by the help of her arm force she made free to her father from the neighboring king and returned his kingdom. His father then felt his guiltiness though he had married his youngest daughter with a diseased beggar man. She achieved kingship of highly developed country having all good resources better than her father. The father begs pardon from her and said his beloved daughter whatever she achieved that was due to her own luck not by the good grace of him. Even she had made her father free from the bad luck and criticality.

Essence of the story gives this message that Karma (Action) Philosophy is secret on secret in this world. If everybody accumulates his/her positive karmic account, charitable action through one's life character by realizing its reality then any opposing element or power could not be able to make unsuccessful or defeat him in any cost. That's why there is a well saying popular in the human society that -“As you sow, so shell you reap”.

– This spiritual story was written by BK Surat Singh Ayer.

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