Why Five Penguins Made Me Believe In Miracles – Spiritual Story by David Dodd

One hot August afternoon, just after the end of WW II my mom and aunt Helen took me downtown on a bus to a department store having a Circus Sale. The pink lemonade was free. All you could drink.

As we waited for the bus, my mother innocently asked me “David what would like more than anything else in the world?” (my father was still in Europe)

Without any forethought I said “I want to see a penguin!”

My mother rolled her eyes and said “Now David you must realize that penguins only live at the South Pole!”

At age 4 I couldn't differentiate the South Pole from the moon,” but I was adamant… I wanted a penguin!

Aunt Helen (a living saint now in Heaven) had a solution “Let's pray for a penguin.”

My mother a this look on her that spoke silently “What the hell are you promising Helen?”

Aunt Helen persisted “No, let's pray. I am sure enough you will see a penguin (didn't matter that it was 93 F. )”

We closed our eyes and prayed hard for penguins. When I opened my eyes, I looked across the street and there pulled up a station wagon. Out of it came five men and a driver. All of them were dressed in penguin outfits going into a photography studio for a Michelobe Beer commercial!

For years my mum and I both agreed – you pray and miracles happen.

Thanks to David Dodd for sharing his spiritual story with us!