Whispers Across Time – A Poetic Ancestral Prayer for Protection

In ancient whispers, prayers ascend the air,
Echoing through the tapestry of time,
A sacred bond between earth and heaven's clime,
Ancestral souls, their love and strength we share.

Their voices, hushed by eons gone away,
Still vibrate in the marrow of our bones,
Guiding us with wisdom carved in stones,
In each step we take along life's way.

Their prayers, a fortress against the darkest night,
A shield against the tempest's raging gale,
An inner flame that never does assail,
A beacon that illuminates our sight.

With fervent hearts, we carry their refrain,
Their sacred words within our very core,
Their hopes and dreams, the legacy they bore,
Their love, the antidote to grief and pain.

Through generations, hands have clasped in prayer,
Creating threads that bind our souls as one,
Their whispered hymns, a soothing benison,
A tapestry of love beyond compare.

When shadows loom and doubts begin to creep,
We gather strength from prayers that came before,
A chorus of voices, steadfast and pure,
Lifting us, their blessings buried deep.

In sacred moments, as the day unfolds,
We bow our heads, hearts open wide and clear,
Their ancient songs, like whispered wind, we hear,
A choir of spirits, timeless stories told.

Their prayers, a symphony in quiet grace,
Mingling with the song of earth and sky,
A tender lullaby as night draws nigh,
Embracing us within their warm embrace.

Through trials faced, their presence lingers near,
Their whispered blessings weave a shelter strong,
Ancestral hands still guide us, all life long,
Their prayers, a balm to quell each rising fear.

So let us honor those who came before,
Embrace the tapestry of sacred ties,
With grateful hearts, we lift our prayers, our sighs,
Knowing their love protects us evermore.

In ancestral prayer, we find our way,
A beacon that ignites our weary soul,
Their words of hope, a torch to make us whole,
Guiding us through life's labyrinthine fray.

So let us carry forth their sacred plea,
With open hearts, their blessings we receive,
Ancestral prayers, a legacy we weave,
Bound by love, in unity we'll be.