Where Are You, My Friend? And Why Are You There? – Guest Post by Srikumar Rao

I was recently in Baja California conducting a program at the Modern Elder Academy along with Chip Conley. I have known Chip for two decades starting from the time he was CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality. He sponsored a cohort of Creativity and Personal Mastery in the Bay Area and sent many of his senior executives, including his Chief People Officer, to attend.

So it was fun reconnecting and jointly conducting a program. Chip knows a thing or two about hospitality.

I had a beautiful room right on the beach and the windows looked over a vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. I could frequently see whales blowing and sometimes jumping right out of the water. Apparently, this is how mother whales train baby whales. I did not know that.

On at least two days I spent hours in a comfortable rattan chair, looking at this gorgeous vista and did not register any of it.

I was living in my head concerned about a session I was about to conduct and a minor issue I would have to deal with when I returned to New York.

I remembered a trip to Kerala where I saw the most unbelievably dazzling sunrise. There were fishermen setting out who did not even notice it.

And, after a week, neither did I! I had to consciously prod myself to admire it.

So, right now, where are you?

And, if you are in some distant place, why are you there?

Ask yourself this question many times. Many, many times.

The title of Ram Dass’s first book Be Here Now says it all.

Not easy!

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