When The Morning Comes – A Christian Spiritual Story About Peace

At the turn of the century there was a city worker whose youth had been spent in evil ways. But one night during a revival meeting, he was spiritually born anew. Soon after, he ran into one of his old drinking pals. Knowing his friend needed God, he attempted to witness to him about his newly found peace. His friend rebuffed him rudely and made fun of him for turning pious.

I'll tell you what, said the new Christian, you know that I am the city lamplighter. When I go 'round turning out the lights, I look back, and all the road over which I've been walking is blackness. That's what my past is like. He went on, I look on in front, and there's a long row of twinkling lights to guide me,and that's what the future is like since I found Jesus.

Yes, says the friend, but by-and-by you get to the last lamp and turn it out, and where are you then?

Then, said the Christian, why, when the last lamp goes out it's dawn, and there ain't no need for lamps when the morning comes.

Author unknown and greatly appreciated!

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