Whatever You Like Will Become a Memory – Guest Post By Srikumar Rao

Has it ever occurred to you that there will be a ‘last time’ you do anything you enjoy?

There will be a last time you hug your child, a last time you smoke your favorite pipe, a last time you drink your single malt at night.

Many such ‘last times’ have already happened in your life. Quite likely you did not recognize that it was a ‘last time’ when it happened. It is even possible that you still don’t believe it was the ‘last time’.

There was a last time you walked out of your high school and you may think that you will go back for some future reunion so it wasn’t the last time.

No matter.

There have already been many last times in your life and there will be a last time you will do something you love or meet someone you care for.

Here is a 90 second clip of the last time Yuri Zhivago saw Lara Antipova.

Combine that with the haunting melody of Lara’s theme and you get a lump in your throat.

Watch “Yuri Sees Lara for the Last Time”

Try this exercise. Do it occasionally – it's too intense to do regularly or frequently.

When you are with your partner, or children, or parents or anyone you care for deeply, imagine that this is the last time you will meet them. Don’t verbalize it. Don’t mention it to them. Simply play with the thought in your head.

Notice how the petty resentments you hold, the expectations you have and your constant pre-occupation with trivial matters, all drop away.

Your interaction moves to a deeper level.

Do this exercise sincerely. It will enrich your life.

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