(Video) Wayne Dyer – Change Your Point Of View

You'll want to watch this video with Wayne Dyer of you've ever…

  • Heard the quote, “When the change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” and wondered what that even means…
  • Lost your car keys and found yourself looking in “all the wrong places”
  • Wondered about what Albert Einstein considers to be the most major and fundamental decision you HAVE to make about your life
  • Been curious about how to change your point of view

This video highlights one of the most difficult challenges we have with spiritual growth: getting in our own way.

We often have ideas about exactly what we should or shouldn't do. We have specific beliefs about ourselves and the nature of the Universe we live in.

Yet all of those beliefs and ideas actually hinder our spiritual progress. They cause us to live in our heads instead of from our hearts and Present Moment. Ultimately, any beliefs and ideas we have take us further away from our spiritual nature.

Therefore, if we really want to get closer to ourselves and God, then we must do as Wayne suggests: stop avoiding the darkness which seems to be scary and unknown, and instead look in the places that have light… so that we may see our true selves more clearly, and ultimately grow spiritually in profound and meaningful ways.