(Video) A Funeral You’ll Never Forget: What Happens After We Die?

No matter what religion or spiritual path you follow (or don't), there's one topic that fascinates us all: What happens after we die?

Reincarnation? Eternal Heaven? Total blackness and non-existence? Something totally different?

No matter what we believe, there's a few basic facts about death that we all know to be true.

The first is the obvious: That we're all going to die. Yes, every single person on this planet is going to die someday, somehow, somewhere.

The second fact is less obvious…

After we die, our lives will be etched in the hearts of others. We live eternally. Forever. In other people.

That's what today's heartwarming video is really about.

It's about the relationships we forge during our lives that are so powerful they impact people even after we die.

Today's short movie is called “The Funeral.” It starts with a little bit of humor, and it quickly goes deep and gets to the heart of the matter. This video is only 3 minutes long, so please watch it until the very end.