Unity Brings Happiness

Once there lived two very close friends – a lion and a tiger. They had been friends since they were cubs and did not know that they were different from each other. They lived happily in a forest, which was also inhabited by a wise and gentle hermit.

One day, the tiger and the tiger and the lion entered into an argument as to whether the cold season started when the new moon became a full moon or when the full moon became a new moon. The petty argument turned into a quarrel with each trying to prove the other wrong. So the two friends went to the wise hermit to ask him who was right.

The hermit listened to both of them and said, “The cold season begins when cold winds blow and this can happen during any phase of the moon. So, in a way, both of you are right. And in future, you should never quarrel, as unity brings happiness.”

“Oh… We were so silly,” thought the two friends and decided never to argue over trivial matters.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!