Tying the Cat to the Bed – A Funny Zen Buddhist Spiritual Story

There was a Zen Master who used to invite his disciples to his house in order to meditate. The meditation was very soulful but unfortunately the Master owned a cat who used to come in and disturb the meditation. Therefore, before each meditation, the Master would tie up the cat to his bed; this would enable the master and his disciples to meditate in peace downstairs. After the Master's passing, his students still used to come to the house to meditate and tie up the cat to the bed.

Now one seeker had to travel to another country and he didn't return for another 5 years time. When he returned he was shocked to see that there were many more people coming to the Master's house.

However, they didn't come to meditate, they only came to tie up cats to the bed!

This story is shared by Tejvan Pettinger from Sri Chimnoy Inspiration. The author of this spiritual story is unknown and greatly appreciated.

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