Two Spiritual Pockets – A Grandma’s Wisdom To Heal A Hurting Heart

One day when I was very sad, my grandmother asked what had happened to me.

I told her, “I was picked on at school. The girls kept hitting me and saying terrible things that make me cry all the time.”

My grandmother looked at me with her loving eyes and replied:

“You have two spiritual pockets. One has a hole. The other does not. So anytime somebody says something good to lift you up, put that in the pocket that is sealed and strong. Save it. When you go to bed, take it out and enjoy it”

“But what about the other pocket, Grandma?”

“In the other pocket is where you put the hurtful things that people say. Let it go quickly and it won't hurt anymore. That hole is for all the problems that you give to God.”

Special thanks to Stephanie for sharing her story with us!

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