Trusteeship of Farmer – Spiritual Story by Surat Singh Ayer

-By Surat Singh Ayer

A king was visiting once village areas of his countryside by bullock cart with his queen having curiosity to understand the condition of his subjects. When he arrived at the village area he observed villager's lifestyle and circumstances of peoples. He found in his observing time a farmer was ploughing his field by using a woman with a lean and thin condition bull in his bullocks yoke.

The King then surprised by this and realized that villager of the country were in that poverty condition, due to that they even had no bulls to use for ploughing and instead of that using female. So getting down from his bullock cart he went near the farmer and asked, hay farmer! Who was she, why he was using her as a bull in the bullock yoke with the bull for ploughing the field? The farmer replied that she was his wife. She was used for ploughing field because he has lost his bull in this season due to animal's disease. However he had to plough his field at any cost in time. For this purpose he was using his wife because it was right season of ploughing field otherwise he would be missing his crops. The remaining bull was also very lean and thin unhealthy conditioned.

The king felt very much pity on him as hearing about his facing problem. He filled with tear and decided to give him some relief. He said kindly would he stop his ploughing for short time because he will give a bull for him, which was little far from the place. The farmer said, he would not be stopping his ploughing, he had no time. The king said, he may send his wife to bring a bull from there that he was going to give him. He relied; he could not stop ploughing and did not paid attention on his saying.

The King again said kindly send his wife to bring a pair of bull from there which he had used on his bullock cart. The king gave; trust him that he will give substitute of his wife for ploughing. Then the farmer accepted his proposal and joined him for ploughing in bullock yoke with his bull. His wife then went at royal bullock cart parking place and informed that the new man sent her to get bulls from the bullock cart. The Queen then ordered, bullock cart operator to give both bulls her.

The farmer used king in ploughing for his field as a bull till coming back his wife. The farmer was not introduced with the new man that he was and why he behaved so kind heartedly. His wife brought two healthy bulls there. As observing them the farmer became very happy and gave thanks to the unknown traveler and made him free from the bullock yoke. He then used new received bulls for ploughing. The king disguised in an ordinary form this way gone away from there as making him free from his problem.

When the season's crops became, ready to reap then he found that on the field where he had used new man for ploughing with his bull, there instead of producing grain's, he found pearls were produced from in the field. In other area only shown crops were harvested there. This made him surprised then he became serious that how it happened. After all he came to know that himself the king was used in his bullock yoke with his bull for ploughing in the field. He was also very grateful towards the king by getting a pair of bulls from him for his livelihood. After collecting all pearls from the field he brought in the palace and presented all pearls to the King. The king asked from where he got.

He made then clear that he got these pearls from his crops land. He was the same farmer to whom; the King had given a pair of bulls for his ploughing. He also used him in ploughing with his bull. The King then became clear about the incident during his village area countryside observing visit. The farmer said Your Majesty these are all his earnings so he will not be using these valuable things for him. So that, kindly accept these pearls which are his output of sweating as a gift from the nature. This made the King convenience and he accepted all given pearls. This way the king also melted by observing the trusteeship of farmer. Though he was so poor one, but his inner heart and mind, was very rich and well off through the virtue of honesty. His faithfulness and truthfulness towards the king was also really exemplary one. So in this regard a well saying is popular in general mass that Oh God! Whatever things and stuffs you gaven us, we wholly and solely surrender those ones on you. Therefore just being trustee in using everything as a gift of God is to be the detached observer from the day to day life of cosmic world.

– This spiritual story was written by Surat Singh Ayer

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