Time’s Swift Dance – A Poem About “The Dash”

In the dash of life, we find our place,
Between two dates, a fleeting space,
Reflections come, questions arise,
A journey led by wanting eyes.

What matters most, I seek to know,
The values cherished, as I grow,
Amidst the rush, the worldly strife,
I yearn to live an unsinkable life.

The tombstone stands with birth and end,
The dash, our life, where we transcend,
The seconds tick, the moments fly,
The dash goes swift, we wonder why.

Reevaluating, time to renew,
To realign what's good and true,
To seize the day, embrace the chance,
To dance with life's wild, mystic dance.

We count the weeks, they pass us by,
Time's river flows, no reason why,
With 1560, we may be blessed,
Or fewer still, we face the test.

It's not the count, but what we do,
With every moment, old or new,
To waste away, a grave mistake,
For time, once gone, we cannot retake.

If joy eludes, and darkness looms,
We must confront our inner rooms,
The power lies within our grasp,
To change our life, make joy our clasp.

Believe in self, and dreams unfold,
The magic key, a tale long told,
With action taken, failures faced,
The path to greatness thus embraced.

The journey's essence, not the end,
Our daily strides, the way we mend,
Embrace the climb, the highs, the falls,
For growth's the treasure, within its walls.

So, let dreams not remain astray,
On “someday's” shelf, they fade away,
Discover now what truly gleams,
And cherish life, beyond all schemes.

As you traverse life's winding road,
Find inner peace, amidst the load,
And know that happiness resides,
In living well, where love abides.