This Silent Image Makes A Sound INSIDE Your Head – Guest Post by Karl Moore

They say an image is worth a thousand words, yet this image is probably worth a LOT more…

That's because in just a half a second it literally captures the essential challenge in almost all of the problems we face in our lives.

Look at this animated image:


Does anything odd happen while you watch it?

Do you hear anything?

Some hear a strange thumping, or beating, inside their head. Others describe it as syncing with their heartbeat. And a few people just don't hear anything.

It's a fascinating phenomenon 🙂

Here's what's happening.

Since you were born, the experiences you've had help mould your brain's thinking patterns.

Over years, your responses to these thinking patterns gets deeper and deeper.

Think of it like walking over the same bit of grass through a forest: gradually, it'll turn into a pathway.

That's what's happening here.

Your brain associates the picture and “judder” as something that typically produces a noise.

So it starts the process of actually making the noise — even though one never actually materializes.

Isn't it incredible how the brain can send you in the wrong direction, without you even realizing it?

The brain does this a lot.

We each have thousands of “faulty pathways” in our brain, built up from years of external influences.

These pathways are continuously redirecting you, steering you away from greater brain power, confidence, health and abundance.

And there's only one quick way to fix it:


You see, hypnosis can “rewire” your brain's neuro-circuitry, restoring it to a near-perfect thinking state.

That means you can begin enjoying more mental pathways that lead to true success — and erase the limitations you've had holding you back for years.

Here's a gift to help you get started:

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It's a little present from me to you. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Love, your #1 fan —