Parable of The White Horse – A Spiritual Story About Feeling Loved

There was a certain farmer who loved his daughter and wanted to give her all that she would ever want. One day his daughter asked for the most beautiful white horse in the entire world. He was distraught because he knew that the horse was located beyond the woods, where the wolves and the thieves were always in lurking. He did not know what to do.

So he went to the village and found an old friend who knew of another beautiful white-spotted horse — it was not as beautiful as the one that the daughter wanted to have. He took a chance and bought the horse.

He thought of an idea to buy white paint from the local village store and paint over the spots of the horse. He, then, brought the horse to his farm and tied the horse near the cows' water feed. He came inside the house and called for his daughter to come outside with him.

As he came out with his daughter, he realized that the horse had played with the water feed and all of the paint over the spots was disappearing. He did not know what to say to his daughter and all he could do at that point was to apologize that he did not get her what she wanted.

He began to cry as these words came from his daughter, “Dad, I don't really care about the horse as much as I care that you did all of THIS for me. All that I ever needed was to be shown that you care for me. Thank you for this horse!

The author of this spiritual story is unknown and greatly appreciated.

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