The Ugly King – A Zen Buddhist Spiritual Story

The Bodhisattva came to the earth as a king in one life. He was an ugly man. However, he was a pious and able ruler. His subjects loved him and wanted him to get married. Though a little hesitant at first because of his ugly looks, the king finally agreed to get married. His wife was a beautiful and charming lady. The king always hid his face, fearing his wife might desert him if she saw how ugly he was. But soon his fears came true. One night, while he was sleeping, his wife entered his room with a candle and was terrified to see how ugly he was. She decided to leave him. The king was heartbroken because he loved his wife very much.

Seeing him in distress, Sakka visited the queen and enlightened her with his teachings. “Your husband had the power to destroy you and your father’s kingdom when you left him. But instead, he still cares about you. Look at the beauty of his soul and not just the face,” he said. The queen realized her mistake and returned to her husband. The king was united with his love and was happy.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!

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