The Treasure Tower – A Short Spiritual Story

THERE was once a tower hovering in the air, and adorned with seven treasures. Gods of heaven rained down heavenly flowers on it. Then a loud voice came out from the treasure tower:

Shakyamuni [Buddha],
You kept wisdom and a teaching to instruct,
Keep it well guarded
And kept in mind.”

Believers saw the great treasure tower up in the air, marvelling at this. At that time there was a Great Joy of Preaching, and Buddha said into that one: ” Great Joy of Preaching, the Buddha in the tower was originally carrying out the bodhisattva way.”

Great Joy of Preaching then said, “We wish to see the body of this Buddha.”

Then Buddha emitted a ray of light of cleanness and purity and opened the door of the tower of seven treasures. A loud sound was heard, and at once all the members of the assembly caught sight of the “Many Treasures Buddha” that said, “Before long the Thus Come One [Buddha] will enter Nirvana.

Coming here for the sake of the Dharma [Law, also Teaching].
You people, why then do you not also
Strive for the sake of the Law
That is like a huge torch burning
In the darkness of the night?

This Buddha
Journeys constantly throughout the ten directions
For the sake of this sutra.
All you good men,
Each of you must consider carefully!

Embracing this sutra
And expounding it to even one person:
That will be difficult!

Listening to and accepting this sutra
And asking about its meaning:
That will be difficult –
Upholding the Buddha's body.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!