The Superstitious Brahmin

In one life, the Bodhisattva came to the earth as a Brahmin and lived in the Himavanta forest. One day, he went to the King’s palace and was invited to stay in the royal park. There he saw a Brahmin sleeping under a tree. Suddenly the Brahmin awoke and took off his shawl.

“Oh no! My shawl has been gnawed by rats. I am sure this is the indication of some evil omen. I need to get rid of this rat-bitten shawl,” shouted the Brahmin and called his son. “Throw this shawl away in the river to avoid any disaster,” said the Brahmin throwing the shawl at his son.

The shawl went flying and fell near the Bodhisattva, who picked it up and said, “Learned man, this shawl holds no evil omen. The rats might have been looking for food and just gnawed your shawl. No wise man should believe in omens.”

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!