The Story Of Moggallana

Once there lived a man called Moggallana. He had a beautiful wife whom he loved very much. But this lady had a wicked nature and used to ill-treat Moggallana’s old, blind parents.

She kept pushing Moggallana to send his parents away to the forest. Unwilling to displease his wife, Moggallana one day took his parents to the forest and left them there.

“We are unable to take care of ourselves. Please don’t leave us all alone in the forest,” pleaded his mother. But Moggallana paid no heed to his mother’s pleas and went away.

On the way, he fell into a pit and broke his legs. Unable to move, Moggallana lay there in pain.

The Bodhisattva was passing by the pit. When he saw Moggallana, he helped him out. But alas! Moggallana had become a cripple for life. He then realized that one always pays for one’s misdeeds, and sought his parents’ forgiveness.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!