The Story Of A Sacrifice

Once upon a time, the Bodhisattva was born as a scholar and mastered all the scriptures. He became an ascetic and had a number of disciples. One day, while the Bodhisattva was walking through the forest with his disciple Ajita, he saw a hungry tigress about to eat her own cubs.

Deeply moved, the Bodhisattva decided to offer himself as food for the tigress. He feared that his disciple would stop him from sacrificing his life and so the Bodhisattva sent Ajita away on an errand and placed himself in front of the tigress. “Grr…” growled the tigress and ripped the Bodhisattva apart. She and her cubs fed on him ravenously.

When Ajita returned and saw his master’s blood-stained clothes, he shouted out in terror, “God Lord! These are the Master’s clothes. That means these creatures must have fed on him!” With a heavy heart Ajita returned to narrate how his master had sacrificed his own life out of charity and compassion.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!