The Sacrifice

The pious King Sivi of Aritthapura was none other than the Bodhisattva. The stories of his kindness and charity spread to faraway lands, so much so that the gods in heaven also heard them. So Sakka, the King of Gods, visited the king’s court in the guise of a blind Brahmin. The king welcomed him warmly and enquired about the reason of his visit. “Oh pious king, I have heard about your kindness and have thus come to seek your help. I really want to see this beautiful world with my own eyes. Will you please gift me your eyes?” The entire court was shocked to hear these words. But he king was calm, and against the opposition of his friends and courtiers, he gifted his two beautiful eyes to the Brahmin. Sakka was moved by the king’s sacrifice and revealed his identity. He then blessed the king profusely and restored his sight.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!