The Pious Naga

Once, the great Bodhisattva was born as Prince Duyyodhana of Rajagaha. When he reached his youth, his father became an ascetic and left for the forest crowning him as the king. Now the forest was frequented by a pious Naga king named Sankhapala. Impressed with the ascetic’s wisdom, Sankhapala visited him regularly to hear his discourses.

One day, Duyyodhana came to visit his father and met the wise Sankhapala in the hermitage. He was fascinated with Sankhapala’s ideologies and wished to follow in his footsteps. After many years, when Duyyodhana died, he was reborn in the Naga kingdom. He took on the name Sankhapala, after the Naga king, and became an ascetic. One day, while he was in the middle of his meditation, some men attacked him. They pierced his body and fastened him with ropes to torture him. But Sankhapala did not show them any sign of anger. A pious man passing by named Alara, saw the ascetic and rescued him from the hands of those cruel men.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!