The Magical Spell

A sprite living in a clump of hedges was actually the Bodhisattva. Close to the hedges was a huge mahogany tree in which lived another sprite. Both the sprites were good friends. One day the king’s carpenter came looking for strong wood to make some furniture for the king’s palace. “Aha! This tree suits the purpose well,” thought the carpenter when he saw the mahogany tree and prepared to cut it down. As the carpenter took out his saw, the sprite saw him and realized that his friend was in trouble.

“I need to save my friend and stop the carpenter from felling the tree,” thought the sprite. He changed himself into a chameleon and cast a magical spell on the carpenter so that the tree appeared to him to be completely rotten. “This tree is of no use,” murmured the carpenter and left. The tree sprite at once came down and hugged his friend for saving his life.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!