The Great Horse

The Bodhisattva once served the king of Benaras as a strong and wise horse. The king named him Great Knowing-One, for the horse could sense his rider’s thoughts. Once, Benaras was attacked by seven neighbouring states. The bravest of the king’s knights rode on Great Knowing-One to fight the enemies.

Deciding to avoid bloodshed, Great Knowing-One suggested to the knight, “Sir, let’s not kill any of the enemy kings and instead capture them alive. I will help you to do that.” Saying so, Great Knowing-One stormed through the enemy cavalries. The knight captured the seven kings. But an enemy sword cut through Great Knowing-One’s stomach and he bled to death.

Before dying, the noble horse pleaded with his king to pardon the seven enemy kings. The king did as the horse wished and pardoned the kings and set them free. The enemy kings turned friends.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!