The Elephant With Six Tusks

Once upon a time the Bodhisattva was born as Uposatha, the king of the Chaddanta elephants who were considered to have the highest rank among elephants. The majestic elephant was known for his handsome white body, red face and feet and six shining tusks. He lived deep inside a forest along with his two wives Mahasubhadda and Chullasubhadda.

One day, after bathing in the river that flowed through the forest, Uposatha was frolicking with his wives in the forest and playfully hit a big sal tree with his trunk. The blow shook the tree and beautiful flowers rained on Mahasubhadda whereas dry twigs, leaves and red ants fell on Chullasubhadda. Chullasubhadda felt very insulted and rejecting all the pleas of her husband, she left him. In due course Chullasubhadda died.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!