The Devoted Son

A long time back, The Bodhisattva was once born as a very pious boy named Saput. He was a very devoted son and took good care of his old parents. Now Saput’s parents had aged and all their teeth had fallen off. So it was very difficult for them to chew their food. Unable to have proper meals, his parents became weaker by the day. Saput felt very sorry for his parents and decided to do something for them. “All my parents can have is milk. I should do something to get the mountain deer’s milk,” thought Saput. So he decided to dress like a baby deer and putting on a deer’s head, he went to the mountain everyday so that the deer would mistake him to be one among them and allow him to mingle with them.

So, every morning Saput disguising himself like a baby deer, grazed with them. Thinking him to be a baby, the she-mountain deer allowed Saput to have her milk. Saput kept storing the milk in the little bottles that he hid under his garment. In the evening, he used to take the deer’s milk to his house and feed his parents. Soon his parents regained their health and Saput lived happily with them.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!