The Compassionate Deer

The Bodhisattva was once born a Sarabha, a kind of forest deer, with the strength of a lion and the wisdom of a man. The Sarabha was kind and compassionate. He would help every creature in need in the forest. One day, the king went hunting in the forest and spotted the Sarabha. He immediately took out his bow and arrow and took an aim at him. Seeing the king, the Sarabha ran with utmost speed even though he had the strength to fight the king – as he had vowed to avoid violence. The king followed him on his horse. They went deep into the forest and came to a chasm, which the Sarabha leapt across easily. But the king’s horse could not leap over it. So, the king and his horse fell headlong into the chasm. The Sarabha saw this and feeling sorry for the king, pulled him out of the chasm. The king realized that the compassionate Sarabha was not an ordinary deer, and with great respect, sought his forgiveness.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!