Surprise Me!!

A Hassid Master was dying. He was a very extraordinary human being, of great innocence and joy. He loved to laugh and dance and sing; that’s the way of the Hassids. Jews don’t think well of them; they think they are untraditional, in fact anti-traditional, but that’s how real spiritual beings have always been treated by the so-called religious, by the formally religious. The real religious person is always condemned. This Master was also condemned by them. And his ways were always new; he was unconventional, unorthodox.

So when he was going to die. his disciples asked, ”What are we going to do with your body? –because you have lived such an unconventional life we don’t know whether to bury or burn you. What we are supposed to do?”

And the dying Master opened his eyes, laughed his last laughter, and said, ”Surprise me!” closed his eyes and died!

This is the way of the innocent: ”Surprise me!” Even in death there is innocence, laughter. Even in death there is no complaint. He is waiting to be surprised. Whether you burn him or bury him, decide yourself, but make it a surprise. Don’t ask it, don’t follow any given instructions, because then it will not be a surprise at all. ”If I say bury me or burn me, then I will already know about it.”

Osho , Guida Sprituale