The Story of Being – A Spiritual Story by Gemma Spurgeon

Screaming souls trapped and calling out. This is the Lower Level Dimension. There are many levels of dimension, with Beings protecting the cross roads from one to the next.

Lower Level Dimension

Never had Soul understood why helping and reaching out to others in life was the key to happiness; love for himself had diminished a long time ago in his waking life. Love would be the only thing to set him free, but this he ignored in life and now he was trapped, forever being tormented in confusion and heaviness.

Soul cannot move very far; it takes him long periods of time to complete tasks, tasks that have no value or achievement in their outcome. When time passes on an uncountable scale, Soul had time to reflect.

Why, he wondered, did he not understand the way to happiness in his life time? Why could he not love himself? Why had life been so boring? Was it that hard to figure out?

As he looks up, he is able to see the Upper Level Dimensions, occasionally catching glimpses of happy Beings moving with such fluidity and freedom. Were these Beings given the answers, he wondered? And if not, how did they seek the truth?

Soul dreamt about the lessons he would go through in order to understand love, and always knew that if ever presented with the opportunity, he would seize the journey and listen to the teachings of those whom offered sound advice.

Soul decided to try something he had never tried before. Along with the others trapped around him, he had spent many nights, screaming, crying out and wallowing in self pity. But tonight was going to be different; tonight he was going to Pray.

As the cries of the night surrounded him, he was almost tempted into following and joining the others. But at the point of being overwhelmed, he centred himself and concentrated.

“I want to understand”, he said. “I want to love myself, I want to love others, I want to be Free!”

An Indian Settlement

A circle of men and women in deep meditation surrounded in a smoky atmosphere. Soul's call can be heard echoing around the space.

Arashoona was a man of harmony, peace and giving. In his life time he had travelled to understand different cultures, helped to build communities, grown food for those who needed nutrition, and felt love and compassion on large scales. He now spends his days travelling the dimensions helping ‘low vibrational' souls back to the light. Arashoona's energy vibrates on an undetectable level allowing him to be light enough to travel to Lower Level Dimensions without getting stuck.

Arashoona travelled to Soul and with the help from his spirit guide, set to work charging Soul up with energy and light. As soon as Soul was vibrating at a high frequency he was light enough to float, just like the Beings he would watch in the Upper Level Dimensions. Arashoona and his spirit guide took Soul up, crossing through dimensions until they had taken him as far as they could. Arashoona thanked his guide before she left.

Soul was grateful to Arashoona but Arashoona had a few things to tell Soul, advice that Soul needed to take on very carefully. Arashoona explained that Soul will not stay vibrating at a high frequency for very long, Soul must seek out the answers to his questions in order to stay free from the Lower Level Dimensions. “The higher the vibration level within spirit, the lighter you will be, and this will allow you to travel into the light.”

Soul was keen to get started and gestured to Arashoona that he was ready. But Arashoona told him he would not be accompanying Soul on his journey; this is a mission Soul must take-on alone. Soul pleaded with Arashoona to stay, but faster than the speed of light Arashoona was gone.

Lower to Mid Level Dimension

Soul could already feel his vibration level dropping, so wasted no time. He knew not what he was looking for but understood one thing more than he had done only moments ago – and that was not to suffer in silence. If you speak up, someone will always be there to listen and help.

Soul spotted a Being in the distance; he thought it might be Arashoona so moved towards the moving object. Soul could hardly believe how lightly he could move, this spurred on his wanting to understand more.

As he approached the Being he could see that it was like no other he had encountered before.

He asked the Being, “What are you and why are you waiting here?”

The Being explained, “I am a protector, a protector of the in-between.” (The in-between was the point in which the dimensions crossed)

“A new dimension?” Soul thought. Great, just what he was looking for and proceeded towards the fuzzy smog. But as he approached, he became heavier and heavier as his vibration levels dropped.

He asked the Being, “Why can I not cross?”

The Being said, “To cross into this dimension you must love yourself. If you can do this then your vibration levels will go up in frequency.”

But until then Soul would not be allowed to cross.

“I do not understand” Soul thought, and asked the Being to help.

The Being said, “I cannot give you the answer but I can show you a way to the answer.”

The Being looked at Soul with an intensity and threw a cloud of Sparkle towards him. Soul was no longer able to feel himself, but could visualise the world around him very vividly. He could see himself in his waking life.

He could see flashes of moments in time, opportunities he denied himself for fear that he could not succeed. Travel plans never followed through. Times that he let bad energy in and shut out the good always convinced that it's easier in the end to just stay.

As Soul came round from his hallucination, he looked at the Being. The Being asked Soul, “What had stopped you from loving yourself?” Soul answered, “Fear and Laziness.” The Being smiled as Soul became lighter. Soul felt proud that he was charging his own vibration levels and immediately was able to cross through to the new dimension.

Mid-Level Dimension

In the new dimension, four Beings are waiting in a circle. They are all carrying little bundles of white cloth. Soul approaches them, curious to know what they are carrying and curious to find out what they are waiting for. As he gets closer to the Beings, he notices scars upon their chests.

The Beings greet Soul and immediately know what Soul is looking for. They asked Soul if he would mind helping them find what they are looking for. Soul thought about the little time he had to find the next dimension, and was nervous about what to do.

The Beings stared back at Soul, longing for his answer. One of the Beings approached Soul and said to him, “Be patient.” He explained that “life cannot be a stream of acts for just one's self, but that kindness for others is essential, and in the long run will benefit not just those that you help, but your own journey's questions will be answered too.”

Soul was taken back. Helping others complete their tasks will help complete mine too, he thought? Soul agreed to help and asked what it is they were looking for.

Another of the Beings stepped forth and said, “To find what we are looking for, you must first know what we have found.”

The four Beings that were carrying the bundles placed them on the floor and with a great amount of care, unfolded them to reveal four pieces of healthy heart. The Beings explained that they needed to complete the heart but were running out of time for the Being that needed the heart was born with an incomplete one. Soul set to work looking in every nook and cranny of the dimension, but failed to find anything. He returned to the Beings feeling heavily exhausted and his vibration levels were starting to drop again.

“You searched too far for what we are looking for, Soul.” the Beings explained.

Soul looked around him and in that moment, his attention was focused upon the scars the Beings had across their chests. Now Soul understood. What they needed was inside of him; it was a piece of his own heart!

Soul was scared at the thought of giving over a piece of his heart. “Don't worry”, the Beings told him. “So were we at first, but now we feel healthier than ever.”

Soul mustered up all of his courage and in that moment was filled with overwhelming love, as the 4 pieces of heart connected with his piece and became whole.

The heart began to beat faster and faster as it became healthier and healthier. The four Beings sent love and thanks to Soul as they carried the heart away to their friend.

Upper Level Dimension

Soul could feel himself becoming weightless as he lifted from the ground and felt the warmth engulf his body. He had become spurts of colour that streamed from him to light his way towards the Upper Level Dimensions. He could feel the energy inside of him vibrating at such a high frequency, that Soul shot off at immense speeds towards a blinding light.

“I understand”, he said. “I love myself, I love others. I am free!”

Greeting him in the blinding light was none other than his saviour and friend, Arashoona. Arashoona congratulated Soul for seeking his own way but explained to Soul that “the only way to always live among the Upper Level Dimensions is to continuously put into practice what you have learnt from your lessons, and keep evolving by finding the answers to new questions.”

So Soul's journey had only really just begun but how excited he now felt about life; the possibilities were now endless… for he had finally found freedom.

The End.

– Thanks to Gemma Spurgeon for sharing this story with us!

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