The Divine Power of Forgiveness

A rich father-in-law gave his poor son-in-law three lacs rupees to start a business. The business flourished but it brought a flood of greed in the heart of son-in-law. Now he thought my father-in-law has a hell lot of money he should not bother for three lacs.

The father-in-law waited patiently for one year to get back his money from his son-in-law. And one day furious he landed at his house. Insults and abuses were exchanged between them. Both of them swore never to see each other again. This animosity engulfed the whole family and they too stopped seeing each other.

In this manner of hatredness fifteen years passed.

The father-in-law was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. This hate relation had affected his spiritual activities grossly. His mind was always occupied with his son-in-law's deceitful activity.

One night he slept praying the lord to release him from this hatredness. That night the lord appeared in his dream and said, “Son just go in the morning to your son-in-law's house and seek his forgiveness.”

In the morning when the father-in-law woke up he remembered the last night's dream. He drove the car straight to the house of his son-in-law.

There everyone was pleasantly surprised to find him at the door. His daughter hugged him tightly after fifteen years. His throat choked as he saw his little granddaughter watching him for the first time. He cursed the animosity which had till date kept him at bay from his granddaughter. He spotted his son-in-law sitting at the dining table. He felt a little hesitation in meeting him but he killed his ego and stood in front of him. He joined his palms and sought forgiveness.

The son-in-law was deeply moved by this great act of his father-in-law. He placed his forehead on the feet of his father-in-law. His tears wetted the feet of his father-in-law.

Then the son-in-law ran to his bedroom and came back with three lacs. Now the heart of father-in-law did not desire the money anymore. He just gave the bag containing the money to his granddaughter.

In this manner their families were also united in the divine power of forgiveness.

Thank you for Atul Sharma for sharing this spiritual story.

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