My Request to Buddha

I have a request to Buddha,

“Please let all my friends healthy and happy forever ?”

Buddha says,”Only four days!”

I say,”Alright, Spring-day, Summer-day, Autumn-day, Winter-day.”

Buddha says,”Three days!”

I say,”Alright, Yesterday, Today, Next-day.”

Buddha says,”No, Two days!”

I say,”Alright, White-day and Black-day.”

Buddha says,”Just one day!”

I say,”Alright, when all my friends are living in every single day.”

Buddha smiles and says, “From now on, all your friends will be healthy and happy in every single day!”

NAN – WU – E – MI – TUO – FU

Special thanks to Kazeronnie for sharing this story with us!

The author of this spiritual story is unknown and greatly appreciated. If you know who wrote this, or can provide a source that I can cite then please contact me and let me know!

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