Art for Art’s Sake

Welcome to the world of Art. From the time Art was born his parents knew he was destined for great things. He was inspired all of his life by the artistic achievements of the great artists throughout time. As a child in school, he would look at pictures of paintings and sculptures and imagined himself taking bows and receiving awards for great works and masterpieces he would create. But alas, he would always put off creating, until he finished all his prerequisites. And his prerequisites were always more than he could get to in any given day.

One day, he determined as he was sitting at a bar at the age of 22, that after one more drink, he would go back to his apartment and begin creating. He really was going to do it this time. His one drink turned into four, but he left the bar heading for home to create his first masterpiece.

Because his car was weaving from side to side on the drive home, a cop pulled him over and took him in on a driving under the influence charge and the police chief decided to keep him in jail for 24 hours until he sobered up. He was so determined to start drawing that he drew on the walls of the jail, which got him 30 more days behind bars.

After he got out of jail, he had to get a second job to work off his fines and try to get his car back, which had been impounded. He got a job at a grocery store part time bagging groceries. When he wasn't needed there, they had him build product displays at the end of the aisles. There he started experimenting with various ideas and built unique but compelling displays that aided in selling off whatever was on them. He liked it! He didn't dread creating them like he did paintings and sculptures.

The manager was so impressed with his display art that he made him his assistant manager and when he retired, he sold him the store with favorable terms. He had the store paid off in no time, due to the high volume of sales his displays generated. He bought a second store and a third, eventually buying dozens, then hundreds and eventually became the number 1 independent store chain in the country.

Art found his art and with it, his purpose and self worth.

Moral: When seeking your heart's desire, do not let your fears hinder the pursuit of your joy.

These spiritual stories were written by Mark Edgemon who has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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