I Thought I’d Call

There is a story about a New York City policeman investigating a case. Even before he finished dialing, he somehow knew he'd made a mistake. The phone rang once, twice — then someone picked it up. “You've got the wrong number!” a husky male voice snapped before the line went dead. Mystified, the policeman dialed again. “I said you got the wrong number!” came the voice. Once more the phone clicked down.

“How could he possibly know I had the wrong number?” the policeman asked himself. A cop is trained to be curious — and concerned. So he dialed a third time. “Hey, c'mon,” the voice said. “Is this you again?” “Yea, it's me. I was wondering how you knew I had the wrong number before I even said anything.” “You figure it out!” The phone slammed down. He sat there for a while, the receiver hanging loosely in his fingers.

He called the man back. “Did you figure it out yet?” the man asked. “The only thing I can think of is nobody ever calls you.” “You got it!” The phone went dead for the fourth time. Chuckling, the officer dialed the man back. “What do you want now?” asked the man.

“I thought I'd call — just to say hello.” “Hello? Why?” “Well, if nobody ever calls you, I thought maybe I should. Should I?”
“Would you? Really?“ perplexed yet happy he was on the other end.
They talked for half an hour.

Special thanks to Malladi for sharing this spiritual story with us!

This spiritual story was written by Gary Nicolosi, from The Wideness of God’s Mercy.

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