Sun Loses Heat, Moon Keeps His Cool

The sun and the moon were discussing their respective jobs and both
were somewhat upset.

It's so hot in my corner of the Universe!, griped the
sun. Thousands of degrees, millions of degrees, what's the
difference!? I would sure appreciate a little relief!

I'm with you, Old Friend, replied the moon. But my problem is that
my temperature is a little on the cool side – at least for me. I wish
I could be much hotter than I am.

What's all the whining about? asked the Lord. I created you and
gave each of you the qualities you need to serve me and mankind. Why
not be patient and let me work my will through you?

Why not let us switch places for just one day?, asked the
sun. Then we'll know if we were assigned the right jobs.

That's right, echoed the moon. And we'll never complain again
about our jobs!

All right, agreed the Lord. Tomorrow, you will exchange places for
one day. Then you'll see that I assigned each of you the correct job.

The following morning, the sun and the moon exchanged places. Wow!
This is the life!, exclaimed the moon. I think I will really like
this day-shift job. I can go to work early, leave work several hours
earlier than usual and still have plenty of time to relax.

The sun was equally thrilled with his new one-day assignment. I can
sleep all day today and I'm sure that the moon's work is less
strenuous than mine. For one day, I won't be as hot under the collar.

By the end of the 24 hours, however, neither the sun or the moon had
the desire to continue with their short-term gig. Man, that dayshift
job is not what it's cracked up to be, moaned the moon. I had to
wake up several hours before I usually have to, and I was tired all

I enjoyed sleeping late, said the sun. But about halfway through
that long second shift I lost some of my usual bright personality and
became a bit grumpy.

The Lord joined the conversation. Didn't I tell you that you would
come to your senses and realize that I knew what I was doing when I
created you?

Yes, you did, said the sun. And you were right. We should have
listened to you in the first place.

What did you learn from this experiment?, asked the Lord.

I learned that I'm much more comfortable when I'm at my hottest,
said the sun.

And I learned that I feel much better when I keep my cool, chuckled
the moon.

Thank you to Malladi for sharing this spiritual story!

Greg Miller is a freelance writer who lives in Johnson City, Tennessee. He also works as the religion editor of a daily newspaper in northeast Tennessee.

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