God’s Love

In his Turning Point Daily Devotional for Oct. 29, David Jeremiah tells the story of an aged Quaker named Hartman who had a son in the Army. When he received news that a dreadful battle had taken place, he went to the scene of conflict to find him.

The officer said they believed the boy was dead because he had not answered to his name. This did not satisfy the father, however, and he set out across the battlefield to call for his beloved son who was dearer to him than life.

Night set in and Hartman continued searching by lantern until a gust of wind extinguished the light. In desperation, he began shouting, “John Hartman, thy father calleth thee.”

Finally, in the dark distance, Hartman heard his boy's voice crying, “Here, father.” He then took him in his arms, carried him to headquarters, and nursed him back to health.

God loves us more than life itself; and as His beloved Son hung on the cross and died for our sins, He shouted to us in a dark world, “(Your name here), thy Father calleth thee.” Have you cried, “Here, Father”?

Author Unknown And Greatly Appreciated!

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