Remove Your Cap

A man walked into First Suburban Church wearing an expensive suit and a baseball cap. After he sat down, an usher walked up discretely, introduced himself, and said, Pardon me, but we don't wear hats in the sanctuary.

The well-dressed man nodded – and left the cap in place. A few minutes later, a deacon repeated the process – with the same outcome. Then, just before the service began, the pastor came, smiled, and shook his hand. Sir, we are pleased to have you with us, he said. But we respectfully ask that you remove your cap during worship.

Of course! he replied and took it off.

It's just that I have attended this church for three and a half years and haven't met a soul. Today I wore a dirty baseball cap and met the head usher, a deacon, and now the pastor!

This story was rewritten by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy – the original author is unknown.

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