The Innocent Thief

Mulla Nasrudin's donkey was stolen from its stable one night. The next morning, whenMulla found out that he had been robbed, he began searching for the donkey, asking the neighbors whether or not they had seen his donkey.

The neighbors, who had heard the news, began to scold Mulla. One said: Why did you leave the stable door open?

Another said: Why did you not keep your eyes open so the thief could not steal it?

A third one said: You sleep like a log. That is why you could not hear the stable door open and catch the thief.

Hearing all this, Mulla became angry and said: Well, as you would have it, I am guilty of everything you say, and the thief is completely innocent!

This spiritual story is from the book Classic Tales of Mulla Nasreddin by Houman Farzad.

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