Upstairs Downstairs

A beggar knocked on Mulla Nasrudin's door. Mulla opened the window from upstairs and said: What do you want?

Come down here and I'll tell you, said the beggar.

Mulla came all the way down and opened the door. Well, what do you want?

Can you spare me a coin? requested teh beggar. Feeling annoyed, Mulla shut the door and went upstairs and opened the window. Come up here.

The beggar climbed up several flights of stairs and knocked on the door. Nasrudin said, I'm sorry, but I don't have any change to spare.

Why didn't you tell me this downstairs so that I didn't have to climb up so many stairs? asked the beggar.

And why didn't you tell me, asked Mulla, when I first asked you want you wanted?

This spiritual story is from the book The Classic Tales of Mulla Masreddin by Houman Farzad.

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