The Mighty Oak

As a young boy stares in bewilderment at an old enormous oak tree, he asks his father, ” How did that tree grow so big and so high?”

The father replies, ” Well, it didnt start out that way! First, it was a seed that soaked up water and sunlight and it then it formed roots to give it strength to grow even stronger. It would then have to survive the cold snow of the long winters but that snow also provided that seed with protection and water that it would need to survive.

“After the first winter would pass, the seed's roots would grow stronger and bigger. With each passing summer, the seed would stretch its roots and would start to produce leaves. Although the tree would lose its leaves every fall, they would always grow back from where they came.

“So, as each year passes, nature performs its perfect job and the seed transforms itself into a tree each year by growing stronger, bigger and more beautiful than the year before.”

This story was written by Jason Hudson who considers himself to be a spiritual person who is always seeking ways to better himself. “It has been a long journey.”

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