Courage for Revolutionary Change

Once upon a time there was ill-natured king named Amangal Das. This dictator once declared that every citizen of his nation would have to work from 10pm to 6am… nightime until morning, only. If anybody was discovered out during the day, then that person would be arrested by government security personnel and presented before Home Minister for betraying the government. For punishment, this person would be first be fed batten paddies mixed with curd, and then be hung. This new law was clearly circulated throughout everybody in the nation.

This new ruling instilled fear in the entire nation, and nobody had the courage to come out during the daytime regardless of what problems or emergencies they had. Nobody had the guts to break the kind's new rule except for two sages who did not have enough time to collect their alms from houses during the day.

These sages felt the new law was a great inconvenience for them, so one day they decided they would break the king's rule at any cost, no matter what the punishment. The next morning, both sages went out onto the main road and the were immediately arrested by the security personnel. They were kept in custody and fed the curd mixed with batten paddies, but as they ate the sages pretended to look more happy and excited to eat the food they were given.

The security personnel became concerned, and so they asked the sages why they were so happy even though they would be hung soon. Both sages replied that it would be their good luck. Upon hearing that the law breakers were sages, and that they blessed their good fortune, the Home Minister immediately questioned them separately: “Why do you feel this punishment is good luck?”

The sages replied calmly, “It is our good luck. Please hang me at the earliest, and do not delay. The person who will be hung first will become the King of Heaven. The second person hung will be the Prime Minister. Each person hung will gain status in Heaven based on this divine order. We wish for the good fortune of being King and Prime Minister of Heaven.”

Now educated of the sages' secrets, the Home Minister reported this information to the King. The King was curious, and so he also asked each of them separately: “Why do you feel this punishment is good luck?” Again, the sages replied with the same answer as before.

Without telling anybody, the King hung himself. Shortly thereafter, the Home Minister also secretly hung himself. After hearing the secret, all the senior VIPs and officials in the nation hung themselves in hope of attaining great power in Heaven. Soon, the entire nation was free from the dictatorship and harsh ruling government.

Both of the sages were then allowed to rule the country, and they changed all of the laws. A new consitution was made that was in the best interests of all people in the country, not just the King.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has been on a path of spirituality for several decades, and in June 1985 he decided to devote his life to the Brahma Kumaries international Institution for the service of humanity. He has traveled to many countries to organize exhibitions, campaigns, rallies and fairs about different inner change topics. He has written spiritual stories, translated spiritual books, written spiritual songs, and recorded meditation audios.

He has received medals and other awards from His Majesty, then King Birendra Bir Birkam Shah Dev of Nepal, for his contributions in social services and moral uplifting of the people. He has had His majesty the Kings, Queens and other royal family members of Nepal present at his services.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has also met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sri-Sri 1008 Shankaracharya, Mahamandleshwars The Secretary General of United States, as well as Prime Ministers, Speakers of both the houses, Chief Justices and other Ministers of India and Nepal.

He continues to provide his services at Brahma Kumaries Shanti Sarovar, Academy for a Better World in Hyderabad, South India, and maintains his strong interest in meditation, studying spiritual knowledge, and sharing experiences of deep spirituality through correspondence and other means.

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